Week of Manifestation – Day 7


Time….Is It On Your Side?

The number one complaint I hear from clients all the time is that “I never have enough time to get everything done.”

There is a deep fallacy in that statement; there really IS enough time in getting everything done that your heart desires. The key is managing and maximizing your time. As humans we waste more precious time than we have at our disposal and then complain that we don’t have enough.

I have a mantra that I live by and it is simply…“Kill your baby monsters.”

Sounds strange doesn’t it?

Look at it this way…Godzilla hatched from an egg and if someone had slayed him right then (when he was a baby) then he would have never grown to epic proportions and destroyed cities.

((S/N: I personally love Godzilla and think that he helped humans tremendously but he was the only thing that worked for this analogy…LOL))

Your problems, obstacles, dead-ends and ruts are just the same as Godzilla! If left unchecked they will grow to monstrous heights and completely overtake (destroy) your life/light. SLAY THEM NOW WHILE THEY ARE STILL SMALL!!!!

Tune in tonight at 7PM CST to http://www.Facebook.com/LiveNviously to find out how to manifest and live the BEST you possible.

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