Week of Manifestation – Day 6


The Mirror Has Two Faces

Do you remember when you parents would tell you that in order to be successful that you must first “put your best face forward”?

Sounds good right…but what the hell does that mean?

Is your best face your fake face or is your best face your true face?

When we step out into the world we tend to grin our way through most situations but the problem with that is the smile oftentimes hides the pain we are feeling. Far too often we tell ourselves a string of lies just to get through the day but nine times out of ten we begin to believe the lies we tell and that’s when it all falls apart.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

What do you tell yourself about yourself each day?

Is it true?

Tune in tonight at 7PM CST to http://www.Facebook.com/LiveNviously for insights on how to  learn to LOVE the person in the mirror.


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