Inner Demons – Fact vs. Fiction


We all have a dark side, right?

We all have inner demons, right?

What makes dark…dark?

What makes light…light?

Here’s the thing people, dark and light; good and evil; angels and demons are all the same darn things and they are all what you make of them. If you believe that you have been consumed by darkness; chances are you probably have. Your darkness can never be my darkness and vice versa. I can never experience your pain, sorrow, woe, elation, happiness and/or a myriad of other things. Each journey has been been designated to us accordingly and we must proceed as such.

When emotion gets the best of us; as humans we desire to have a physical reaction to the event as opposed to a mere thought. We desire to experience in it’s entirety a pain that could rock us to our core and we do so without even knowing it. We welcome it. We embrace it. We settle in it. We FEEL it. We get STUCK in it. We SUFFER through it. We DO it ALONE.

Now most will ponder the obvious question of why would you knowing inflict emotional pain upon yourself and the answer is quite simple my friends….we can’t HELP ourselves! Our species is really only divided into two distinct categories; nurturers and needers (I know thats not a real word but it makes my point). Basically, we either need to care for someone or we need someone to care for us.

The ratio of the two will always be disproportionately swayed with regard to current relationship trends.

Oh yes, relationship trends really do exist (with no disrespect given/directed at any group or faction).

Remember a few years back swinging was in, then it was the whole BDSM lifestyle, then poly everything, and so on and so on. There are trends and they really do affect how we conduct ourselves within our relationships.

We can’t blame all our mistakes, bad decisions, missteps, indiscretions, behaviors and such on our partners, our parents, our kids or anyone else for that matter. We must stop and take stock of the things that WE are doing as individuals that are causing chaos within our realms.

Self-Soothing, self-awareness, self-affirmation, self-love and self-care all being with the same prefix….SELF! You must do for SELF. Love SELF. Care for SELF. Defend SELF. The list can go on all day but I will stop here and leave you with this….everything that manifests itself in your life, you asked for it in some way, shape or form.


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