Late Nights / Early Mornings

Let’s be honest – we all dream the fairytale of growing up, having a great job, a big house, a loving spouse and those adorable 2.5 kids along with the white picket fence. Then reality sets in and we realize life is not all shits and giggles. There is work that has to be done…constantly. Outside of going to work to make money, you must go to work within your relationship to keep it running smoothly add in a couple of children to boot and you have a Powderkeg waiting to explode at any moment.

It’s nice to believe that we have it all together as individuals and can handle anything as a collective but it doesn’t happen that way. Arguments happen, we work overtime, we get sleep deprived, sexually frustrated and myriad of other things.

The key to finding that life/work balance is finding the balance first within yourself. Knowing how much can you handle, how much can you deal with, how you process stress and so on and so forth. YOU must know YOU before you create life and after you create life you must be fully cognizant of how to proceed with that life.

Raising kids isn’t easy and the more you have the more stressful times you and your mate will encounter. How you and your mate choose to handle the stressors in your life will determine the longevity of your union. Don’t give up before you really get started because for all it’s stresses, life is indeed a many splendid thing.

No one ever promised you that it would be easy but then again…nothing in life worth having ever is.

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