Baggage – Put It Down


Before jumping to into anything new you must clear about what you are carrying around with you. Each and every time we enter (and leave) a relationship we create baggage that is either left behind or carried along with us on our journey.

Emotional baggage can literally kill a new relationship even before it gets started. If we are forever holding NEW people to OLD standards we are just repeating a process that has already proven to be ineffective. When something ends we must stop and take stock of why it ended in the first place. Once we know what the issues were within that relationship we can begin to rebuild ourselves anew in preparation for the next chapter in our lives.

The old adage of “the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new” is the biggest crock of crap ever spewed!! When you don’t look at you as a whole when something ends you will undoubtedly place the blame for the relationship’s demise solely on the other person thus effectively creating a new bag to be carried on to your new relationship.

Word to the wise – take inventory going into and coming out of EVERY relationship. Give yourself time to grieve the loss and give yourself time and permission to heal from the entire ordeal.

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