Dreading The Day

You wake up each day and each day you are filled with dread…for millions of people walking the Earth right now this is their reality. Days upon days filled with dread, fear and anxiety. I know it sounds depressing but there is a way out of it all. YOU are the way out!!

Read that again…YOU ARE THE WAY OUT!!!

Anxiety is defined as “a feeling of unease or nervousness, usually with regard to something with an uncertain outcome”. Because it is a “feeling” which can affect all aspects of our lives it is definitely something that we can tweak, change and/or moderate for our own betterment. In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to deal with things that give us stress or anxiety. We would be able to simply let those things roll right off our backs like water upon a duck’s feathers but we are HUMAN and that makes us different! That means we must FEEL in order to process things and feelings can lead to anxiety.

One of the most helpful ways that I have seen people be able to combat stress and anxiety is through practiced meditation. Now before you go running away screaming, meditation is not as complex as some people make it sound. In order to effectively meditate, all you need is a quiet and comfortable space free from any distractions and your desire to focus on your own self-awareness and overall betterment. Really…thats it!

Few Tips For Effective Meditation
1. Sit or lie (lay) down in a comfortable position
2. Take a few moments to steady your breathing
3. Close your eyes
4. Listen to the sound of your breath as it enters and leaves your body
5. Let all distracting/concerning thoughts melt away as you breath
6. Focus on absolutely nothing
7. Just let your mind drift to happier places/thoughts
8. DO NOT try to control your thoughts – just let them run free

Another helpful way to deal with stress and anxiety is to develop and nurture a hobby. Find something you really enjoy doing and jump into it it with both feet! Reading, writing, listening to music, painting and creating crafts are all examples of excellent outlets for excess energy and are an IDEAL way to get your mind back on track and focused on what is really important.

The most important takeaway from all of this is the fact that we all have stress, we all feel overwhelmed and we have all let anxiety rule us in one way or another…the IMPORTANT part is that we DO NOT let it rule our existence. Just like with all feelings, moods, moments and emotions…we are in control thus meaning we always have the power to turn things around.

Light & Love

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