Grown Up But Not Gone….Yet


Adult children….

If you have them then you know the pains of raising them (again). Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that you didn’t do a phenomenal job the first time around…after all you did get through adolescence and the teen years without maiming or killing them…and that is a feat in itself. The issue is that once they grow up, they develop their own mind but at times may still need to to impart wisdom (and money) here and there.

Children don’t come with instruction manuals and that can lead to some hair pulling throughout the process but don’t give up on your now “responsible adult” because there is more work to do. True parenting is a lifelong endeavor and a full labor of love.

Here are a couple of things to remember when parenting an adult:

  1. No matter how old they get they are NOT your equal or your friend
  2. You will disagree – on almost EVERYTHING
  3. Be just as respectful as you desire for them to be
  4. Be mindful that the things you showed/taught them will be reflected in their actions and decision making
  5. To some degree they are a true reflection of how you lived your life when raising them (relationships, money management, communication, etc)
  6. You can help them but you CANNOT change them (no matter how much you try…and cry)

From the moment we birth them into the world our children are no longer our possession but rather an essence that we were entrusted with to teach, nurture and love unconditionally. That in itself the truest form what parenting truly is.

We look forward to our children growing up, moving out and becoming productive members of society but your job does not end there. We must keep the same energy of love and enlightenment we utilized while they were young coupled with an adult outlook in order to ensure that they exceed every level in life we reached.

Be mindful that these ADULTS will be the ones we look to assist us in our later years so we better get it right.

Light & Love!!!!


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