Access Denied



It is my solemn promise to do better at updating the blog with awesomely motivating content on a more regular basis.

With that being said…let’s jump right into today’s message….

Have you ever wondered why you keep experiencing the same heartbreak and disappointments over and over again?

If you are anything like the other billions of people inhabiting this Earth then you suffer from the ailment of giving too many chances and granting too much access to the wrong people! We allow people into our lives for a myriad of reasons but we tend to forget that not everyone we encounter is meant to be in our lives forever.

Heres the thing; we as humans have the capacity to love and some of us love hard. Sometimes too hard; friends….family….lovers…etc; we love too hard and too completely. There is an old adage that still holds true to this day and it states that “People come into your life for a REASON; a SEASON or a LIFETIME“. Those 3 things sum it all up…a reason is to teach you a valuable lesson (sometimes painful) but then they move on. A season, these people will be around for brief period of time and their presence will teach you some things (both good and bad) but eventually they too are to move on. The last grouping is where many have the biggest issue; how to determine if the person you are encountering is that LIFETIME person as this person will be in your life for its entirety.

Life is funny in the fact that it never shows it hand completely and you are always guessing but that is also the beauty of life. If you knew it all in the beginning then where would the fun in living happen.

We spend more time trying to “make” REASON & SEASON individuals into LIFETIME folks and guess what….IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!! No matter how hard you try it will not work because everyone’s position in your life has been predestined and you can’t really change it. You can drag out and hold onto friendships, acquaintanceships and relationships all beyond their expiration date but it will not change that person’s position within the grand scheme of things.

We see this the most in romantic relationships and this is also the worst place to hold onto people that we should let go of. Have you ever noticed that the harder you hold on to that relationship that you know in your heart should be over the more miserable you become. Even though you will never directly attribute your misery to the relationship (because you blindly want it to work so bad) you know it is over.

Then we turn around and try to maintain some semblance of a friendship with that person just in case sparks decide to fly between you later on down the line…this is insanity!



Stop granting access to your light, your love, your happiness and your life to those who don’t deserve it. Once a person has left your life leave them be and move on. It hurts, it’s sometimes confusing and it is also sometimes very complicated but it must be done to protect your emotional and psychological well-being.

Stop answering those random “hey you” text messages. Stop responding to those “can we sit down and talk like adults” phone calls. Stop adhering to the belief that a breakup with no further contact was a “bad” breakup. Just STOP IT. Start living for you and what makes you happy. Star granting access to the people and things that nourish your spirit.

Just because you have history with a person does not mean that you are destined to have a future with them…REASONSEASONLIFETIME!

STOP granting ACCESS to those on RESTRICTED status.

Light & Love,


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