When It’s All Said & Done

Break Up

We all have been there before…

girl meets boy / girl meets girl / boy meets boy (whatever floats ya boat)…

they fall in love….

and then it all falls apart

Where do you from there?

The answer is quite simple….

Wherever you DESIRE to go!

I know it sounds easier said than done but life and love really are that simple and here are a few tips to make it a little easier on you (and those around you):

  1. Remember that you are special – no matter what has transpired, you are still a unique and worthwhile human being worthy of love.
  2. Mourn the relationship – too often we don’t mourn the loss of the relationship which means we don’t heal from the relationship. When you don’t mourn and you don’t heal you are destined to jump right back into the “relationship fray” all over again with the same mindset destined to make the same mistakes.
  3. Self-Care is everything – take a few moments each day to just sit and love on yourself. That can mean getting a manicure/pedicure, taking yourself to lunch, buying a new outfit or simply taking a few minutes for quiet introspection.
  4. It’s oaky to cry – if you put your all into your relationship and it dissolved (regardless of fault) it will hurt. Don’t punish yourself further by trying to be a pillar of strength. Let that sh*t out…yell, scream and curse…you’re human.
  5. Don’t get stuck in the mourning phase – this is the tricky one…it feels good to be angry, it feels good to embrace the hurt and let it wash over you as it gives your emotions focus. The important piece of all this is to not get stuck in this phase. Feel it…process it…and get past it! Notice I didn’t say get over it…that may take some time but you can definitely get past it all and come out on the other side even better than before.

Break-ups are an inevitable part of life but there is more to be found within those moments than just pain. Even a flower can grow from between the cracks in the concrete if watered and tended to correctly.

Tend to you…water…nurture and grow the divine essence which is you!!!


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