2019 – New Year New You…Same Bullsh*t

New Year

Too often we sit around in anticipation for the new year to start so that we can declare to anyone that will listen – New Year New Me!!!! You do know that you’re bullsh*tting yourself…right?

Why do you need a new year to embark on a journey of self betterment?

Why do you need an audience year after year to hear the same declaration?

Why is it that by August you are anxiously awaiting the new year to yell out that you’re reinventing yourself yet again?

The reason is quite simple…the year may be changing but you are still you.

Instead of making resolutions, make decisions…plain and simple. If there is a major goal you want to reach; break it down into weekly goals (ex. 60lbs. in 1 year = 6lbs. a month = 1.25lbs. a week, which is actually within the weight loss guidelines suggested by most physicians). Smaller goals mean they will be easier to manage; once you manage the goals you can meet/exceed the goals.

Here are a couple of great decisions to make for yourself in 2019:

  1. Be nice to those you encounter
  2. Listen to understand; not respond
  3. Pay yourself first (even if it’s just $1 per week)
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others; you’ll never measure up
  5. Cut ties with all toxic things and/or people
  6. Practice self care
  7. Motivate yourself
  8. Motivate others
  9. Be grateful for what you want as if you already have it
  10. Laugh as much as possible

Happy 2019!!!

Peace & Blessings

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