Week of Manifestation – Day 4


Labels vs. The Truth

Let’s be honest, majority of us walking this big rock called Earth have an over-exaggerated sense of being that we oftentimes label as confidence but is it really that simple.

Most people know who they are and are secure in that knowledge but there are many of us who really have no clue who we are at the core of our being. Humans are so quick to slap a label on something in an attempt to classify it and that’s great if we were all boxes or books on a shelf. Since we are not books or boxes labels really do us no justice.

Think about this for a moment; the labels that we apply to ourselves do more than just simply “tell” another person how we view ourselves. They eventually become the personification of who we really develop into.

How does this happen you might ask…

….The answer is rather simple. Your thoughts govern EVERYTHING in your world whether you know it or not and how you label yourself in your mind is exactly how you present to the universe.

Remember this….

Your thoughts will become your actions

Your actions will become your behaviors

Your behaviors will become your way of life.

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