Week of Manifestation – Day 2


Something In The Past

Far too often we categorize our past into one of two things – really GOOD or really BAD. We never say it was in-between, mediocre or just basic; why is that? I personally believe that we have been groomed by societal constraints to always think and operate in extremes. Let’s explore why this is…

When you reflect on you past, present and future do these thoughts find their way in?

“Nothing is (was) ever good enough.”

“No one has (had) it worse than me.”

“I’m always the bigger person.”

Sound familiar?

The list goes on and on but we’ll let those sentiments go right here.

You read that right…LET THEM GO!

<Take a deep breath and exhale slowly>

In order to move forward and manifest the best version of you possible; you must be willing to step aside and get out of your own way!

What do I mean by that?

To put it simply, you must get out of your own head. Stop second guessing yourself. Stop beating yourself up for past indiscretions in your life. For once (finally) forgive yourself and devise a plan of action not to repeat those behaviors, actions and/or thoughts.

The truth of the matter is that for as much as we toot our own horn and commend ourselves we also belittle and beat up ourselves over the most trivial of things. The only way to combat this syndrome (that I’ve decided to name Negative Reflectionism) is to be able to stand in your truth, embrace the very essence of you and who you are and deal with it! Change what you can and work with and/or adapt to the rest.

Trying to live/cope with past regrets, current indecision and future worry without complete self-awareness/acceptance will have your life running in a circle like a hamster on a wheel.

Two simple phrases will give you the strength and courage to cure yourself of Negative Reflectionism and those two phrases are I AM and I WILL.

Tune in tonight at 7PM CST to find out how to utilize those two tiny phrases in your manifestation journey.



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