Experience vs. Perception

The most common misconception going around is the belief that you know yourself as well as others know you. The truth of the matter is that you cannot experience you so you really don’t know how you come across to those around you.

Now I know that sounded completely crazy but it really is true. Look at it this way, most people you encounter are experiencing you the only way that they can…from the OUTSIDE!!! You on the other hand are on the INSIDE and can only experience yourself from that particular angle. This is why when things you say or do are taken the wrong way you feel hurt, confusion and/or frustration. This is because you clearly knew what message you wanted to convey and you had the perception that your audience would understand and identify with your message. What REALLY happened was your audience experienced something completely different from what you perceived that they should have.

To fully understand yourself you must be willing to consciously remove yourself from each interaction and view it from the OUTSIDE – this will enable you to better understand what others are experiencing with you and that awareness will help you fully align your perception to their experience.




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