Carpe Diem

Seize the day!!!

Sounds simple enough right? Then why is it so hard for us as individuals to simply live in the moment? People usually want to live in the moment but for some reason are unable to; this is because we let feelings like indecision, uncertainty and regret paralyze us. The easiest way to get around and conquer those negative thoughts is to push through them.

Humans have the uncanny ability to feel an issue before they really experience it. It’s like that little voice on intuition that nags at you before the big meeting or during that first date or at that BIG job interview. We have to learn to turn that voice down. You don’t want to cut it off completely because that is the same voice that warns us and keeps us safe. If we could just moderate the volume we could start on the road of self-awareness and understanding.

Your intuition was designed to guide you through perilous situations but the catch is that the voice will sound the alarm anytime you are doing something new. It’s a warning; though not all warnings are warranted.

Listen to your spirit, what is it telling you? Why is it delivering that message? Is it a message you need right at that moment? How will you process the message? These are simple enough questions that can be asked at any moment in which you feel unsure. If the situation warrants the warning; take heed. If the situation can be navigated with the usual amount of caution; proceed anyway.

Go forth and live the life you were destined to live!

Embrace your greatness!!

Seize the day!!!


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