Deconstruction is defined as the analytical examination of something (such as a theory) often in order to reveal its inadequacy. Basically what that means is the act of tearing something apart to show what is really there (or isn’t there). Within your life this can be done in a myriad of different ways but before you reach for your hardhat, tool belt and work boots; take a moment to understand what it is you are looking for within the deconstruction process.

We all have had that moment in our lives in which we just don’t feel happy. It is at that moment that we decide a course of action in order to get our life back on track. We begin to look at what isn’t presently working versus what has worked in the past; with a sprinkling of wishful thinking. This is when deconstruction begins…

The deconstruction process is different for everyone though some questions regarding the situation(s) remain the same:

Who wronged you

Who lied to you

Who let you down and/or didn’t live up to your expectations

Notice the theme that is emerging? Too often we as individuals look to place the blame upon the shoulders of others when things aren’t going right in our lives instead of looking inward for a root cause.

Humans are funny like that – when things go right we want all the accolades but when something goes wrong we want someone else to take the fall.

Tune in at 6pm CST all this week to  to discover some tips and insights on how to tackle the deconstruction process for all the avenues of your life in a healthy and beneficial fashion.

See you there…

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