Know Your Worth


Self-worth, is a very tricky concept for those who have never learned to love self above all else. Self-worth and self-love go hand-in-hand. Your perception of your self is initially shaped and molded by those around you as you grow up. Then there comes a time in which you become the master of your destiny so to speak; meaning you are the only person that can define your self-worth.

The biggest mistake we make in determining and/or calculating our personal self-worth is the fact that we allow what others think of us externally to weigh heavily in our calculations. It’s almost like the entire world is a department store and each person has a price gun in which they can utilize the setting of their own personal price. That price you put upon yourself is your calculation of your self worth.

Where are you in the store of life? Are you in the discount bin, are you on the clearance rack, are you on the middle of the floor display with the highest price in the store, or are you mixed amongst the middle racks with a midline selling point?

There are many nations of people whose ancestors were sold at auction. Their flesh being peddled to the highest bidder. Will you continue to facilitate centuries of self loathing when setting your price?

Long gone are the days in which your value can be set by those around you! Embrace the greatness that is you and set your price accordingly! We live in a world in which we have evolved into valuing quantity over quality. Let’s get back to the old days of quality being paramount! Set your price point and stick to it! Because nobody values you like you.

If you continue to undervalue and thus effectively underpricing your self to the world you shall forever remain on clearance.


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