Live The Love (Marriage Series pt. 5)

How does one live the love? How do you go about living your day today in, with and for something that is purely emotional? Or is it?

When you fall in love with someone ideally you fall in love with everything about them. You fall in love with their flaws, strengths, beauty, intelligence, emotional fortitude and most of all their heart. Well that’s what most of us wish for.

Living the love is quite simple. When you love yourself you can openly and honestly love another person. Upon entering any relationship both parties should be willing to be open about their past; their past loves, their past heartbreaks, their past joys and their past needs. When you open yourself to love you then are open to receive love.

A marriage is the joining of two people in what is supposed to be a lifelong union. Far too many times we fall prey to loving out of convenience. We succumb to the appeal of loving for profit. The bottom line is in today’s society it has become acceptable to constantly be on the come up.

Learn that which makes you happy. Understand that which gives you joy. Embrace that which makes your soul soar.

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