Running vs. Restructuring (pt. 2)


Restructuring is defined as:

1. to change, alter or restore the structure of

2. to effect a fundamental change in (as in organization or system)

3. to restructure something

Now as it relates to interpersonal relationships this can be viewed as a good (and a bad) thing. Overall, change is always needed but not necessarily always welcomed. Relationships are constantly growing, constantly evolving as we humans change on a daily basis and in a relationship that can mean a lot of things.

The key to restructuring is knowing what exactly it is that you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to fix (restructure) a relationship or are you trying to start over as an individual and fix (rebuild) yourself?

Something does not necessarily have to be “broken” to need fixing. Most things require a minor tweak or two from time to time to keep them running smoothly. For instance, if your oil light comes on, you don’t junk the car…you take it to be tweaked (oil change) but subsequently if your entire electrical system goes out you may elect to junk that particular vehicle because the cost and time required to fix the problem may be too much for you to handle. The trick is knowing when to say when.

Knowing when you as the individual must take precedent over the relationship is paramount in relationship survival (or demise).


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