Relatives In Your Relationship


This is a touchy topic for many but in actuality it is a simple issue to remedy – KEEP YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY MEMBERS OUT OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP!

See, quite simple. The biggest problem we have as individuals entering into a relationship is separating ourselves from our “single self”. In order to be successfully married (or in a committed relationship) one must realize that it is them as an individual in entering the relationship therefore everything else (other relationships) must be categorized accordingly.

Your friends and family members should NEVER take precedent over your chosen mate. Too often we are accustomed to running to family and friends for everything and oftentimes continue this practice even after we are in a relationship. This is what causes the discord and discontent within your relationship.

No one should be able to tell you how to exist within your relationship because it is your relationship. It’s okay to seek opinions on certain issues and/or subjects but the final say within your marriage/relationship should come from only you and your partner. STOP telling your family all of your business because they only see your partner in the light you show them in. They do not experience your partner on the same level that you do. This is why you can vent to your family about a perceived problem and then later you and your partner work it out but your family is still angry at your partner.

The bottom line is we are who we were raised to be but thats where the familial interference ends.


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